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Down to Business Workshop
When you’ve built a 6-figure business with your own two hands based on your experience and expertise, it can be difficult to separate the business from you.
When business is going well, your decisions and skills are validated. But when it’s not, it’s easy to take it personally and make it mean that you’re doing something wrong.

And if you make results mean something about you, progress stalls, revenue plateaus, and you start overcompensating by making things harder than they need to be. Oh hey there, self-sabotage.

To change this you have to learn how to separate your business’s success from your personal identity. When you do, you’ll think and act like the CEO you are, your revenue will multiply and your business will feel simple & fun.

This workshop is for you if…
→ You want to scale to multi 6 or 7 figures with way more ease
→ You know you’re capable of massive success and a business that’s bigger than you, and you’re ready to make that happen
→ You want to know how to handle the unexpected in business, making solid decisions and bouncing back into massive action
→ You want to uplevel your leadership and personal power to embody your CEO role and run your business instead of it running you.

Let’s get down to business.

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